Service in the Cloud is in App Store

That’s right the best app ever written for Service Companies is now in the app store at Apple.

Opportunity Software LLC presents:

Service in the Cloud

iPad Application. Now your iPad fulfills its promise.

Supports up to 10,000,000 tablets at the same time.

No Ethernet, No IT, No Servers

All you need is WIFI or cellular iPad

Stores data on iCloud

What do you want to know?

Pending Sales, Inventory levels, What is on the schedule, Who owes us, Who do we owe, and much more.

When do you want to know it?

Live 24/7 up to the second.

Super Map provides easy visual scheduling for service appointments


Customer Rewards

Employee Todo’s (For the Employee Todo) i.e… Check Tire Pressure

Employee Tasks (Tasks have a target and task) i.e… Contact all Customers : Offer Sale Item

Todo’s and Task have Time Date stamped when completed.

Email and Text Marketing

FaceBook and Twitter support

Bar code reader and writer

Inter system messaging

Import Data from QuickBooks, Excel or any CSV file

Designed for Sales and Distribution with an enfaces on Service Scheduling

Unlimited Warehouse and Service Locations

Built in Email customer support

YouTube Channel with Training and FAQ

Drop Ship direct to customer

New features constantly added

SetUp Service In the Cloud from Developer Available. Call for Pricing

$9.99 per Tablet per Month

1 tablet $9.99 x 12 months = $119.88 a year

10 tablets $99.90 x 12 months = $1198.80 a year

Security concerns.

We take the empty field approach.

If there is nothing of value then there in nothing to steal.

We do not process credit cards. Track only.

Use separate Credit Card processing to insure you have the flexibility to pay the lowest rates.

No Bank Account Numbers

No Social Security Numbers

When you use apple’s AirPort Time Capsule you will have the Wi-Fi and back up your data up to 3 TB

760 758-8500

click below to see on app store.

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