B.O.S.S. Read Me!

My name is James Stacy and I want to thank you for using B.O.S.S.  Enterprise Software. I have written this app with the hope to help as many people as possible be successful in their business.

If you are looking for Credit Card processing contact Opportunity Software for details.



Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. james@opportunitysoftware.com

When you start to use B.O.S.S.  you will set up a company then set up the Manager. You will then back out until the sign in screen. Sign in. Tap the Manager button on the top left. From here add more employees, Vendors, Services and Items, then set up Customers, Finally you can add the Sells screens. You can start to run your company from here but there is more available. You can track your monthly cost like Electric, Rent or what ever bills you have. You can use B.O.S.S. to place your orders with your vendors. You have complete inventory control. Add, Remove or update your information with a Manager log in.

B.O.S.S. has a built in Video Help system. You can even email with any questions. New Features are being added, so check often for updates. Please let us know if you have any issues with the system, so we can fix then right away.

Some Cool features:

Todos: These are trackable todo for Employees to complete. One time or repeating.

Map Based Scheduling: See where you are going before you have to go.

OnTheWay: Send a text,email, or Phone call to let the Customer Know how far away you are and how long it should take.

Email and Text Receipts: Save time, money and a tree.

Realtime Inventory: See How much and where your inventory is located.  LIVE 24/7.

AirPrint: Allows remote printing when you have access to the internet.

Pay by the Tablet by the month: Starting @ $9.99 per month per Tablet. Allows you to expand and contract your expenses based on your needs.

Video Help: Help Videos download from Opportunity Software. Updated and added all the time. (Pull to refresh. Might take some time to load)

10,000,000 Tablet Support: Expands to 10,000,000 Tables to allow you to grow your Business.

Your Data is Safe:  B.O.S.S. Stores your data in your Private Database. That means No One but you can see your data. It also means that you have to have ann iTunes Account and pay for the data. iCloud Data rates

Customer Rewards Program: When you put in your inventory you can add customer reward values. Customers can redeem the rewards points at the rates that you set up. This is optional.

Customer Relations Program: Send Email or Text to Customers that have given you permission.

FaceBook and Twitter Built in: Send Tweets out or Post to Face Book to let your Customers know what is going on.

BarCode Reader and Writer: use the Camera to read bar codes to save time. Write your own barcodes for your products or services.

Quotes: Send and Track quotes to your customers

Recurring Sales: Set up sales to tell you to schedule the next appointment.

Drop Ship: Allows you to ship from Vendor to Customer without bringing item into local stock.

Gift Certificates: Make and accept Gift Certificates.

Back Orders: Decide if you want to allow backorders.

Track Your Credit Card Transactions: We do not process credit cards. We track only.

If you need help or have questions please contact me.