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We develop quality apps for Apple’s IOS platform in Swift.

B.O.S.S. enterprise software for iPads.

B.O.S.S. is a complete Business Operating System (Enterprise Software) on the iPad. It has many features not found even on Computer based systems. By using email, text and printers you are able to provide your customers with documentation in the form they would like. A complete rewards and loyalty program along with social marketing allows you to keep in touch with your customer base. Extensive reporting allows you to see what is going on with your company. With Sales at the heart of the system, You have extensive notes and prospecting to make sure you know what your customers need and want.

We only succeed if You succeed.

B.O.S.S.  will change the way business is done.

Stores your information on iCloud’s Private Database.




MyPocketNurse helps you to remember your Medicines, Chores, and Test, track them and then send them to your doctor.

Built in test to track include.

Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose , Temperature, Heart Rate , Pain Level, Weight.

Add any test not built in.

Add your Medicines. You can even take a picture of your medicine.

Add chores so you make sure to get them done.

You set the dates and times of the chores with simple selection.

See your results in report and chart format.

Send your data to your doctor to keep them informed.


Green Phone

Turn your phone or tablet into a Green Screen with audio recording.

Make the screen Green or Blue.
Control Brightness.
Targets can be added.
Hide all Buttons for a clean look.
You can record in wav or m4a format.

Now you can record sound while the screen is Green or Blue.

Now you can use your phone in your videos and have the screen be chroma colored so you can make it show what you want.

Get your actors voice from the closest microphone.

Use a project name and it will add a counter to the end to keep your recording organized and fast.

Hold the bottom right and left corners for 5 seconds to stop recording


Work Out Round Timer

Round Timer with adjustable times on Round length, Rest Length, Warning before end of round and end of rest.

You can select how many rounds you want to go.

Count down or up display.

Current Round Display.

Displays Work or Rest.

Save your preferences.


Film Props

Film Props provide you with tools to complete you film project.

Thumb Scanner: With pass fail
You set scan time delay fro results and results.
when done with scanner tap screen outside the thumb print and
hold for 5 seconds.

Pain Generator: For torcher
Set level of pain. 10 second count down and 10 seconds of pain.
have kill mode.

Bomb Timer: Set start time and stop time.
When done with screen tap the screen and hold for 5 seconds.

Locator: Pick direction and then have it locate in that direction. You then have 4 seconds to turn the phone that way and locks on that direction.



Apps are constantly updated. Check often to get the latest features.